Performance at Rotary Club concert

Walking In The Light Of God part 2

Swaziland Container Assembly - Y7H, Y5C and Y4M sing

Foundation Stage Singing Assembly 🎤

The Amazing Doyler!

An iMovie Club Production!


Millington School Choir sing 'There is none like You.'

P7 Sports day

Some of the Year 7 races and competitors on Sports day!

Choir sings 'Follow Him'

Listen to the choir sing their second piece from Portadown Festival.

Choir sings 'All I Once Held Dear'

Listen to the choir sing their festival piece.

Land of Hope and Glory

Listen to the choir sing at the Queen's Birthday Concert

Happy Birthday your Majesty

Listen to a wonderful poem written by a mummy for the Queen's Birthday

We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland

Watch the teachers sing for Luke McCullough and our wee team!

The Choir - Happy Birthday

Listen to our fabulous choir sing Happy Birthday to Her Royal Highness, the Queen

No Need to say Goodbye

A very moving dance at the Queen's Birthday Concert

Charlie Chaplin Tap Dance

The Queen's Birthday Concert

Melissa and her Mace

The Queen's Birthday Concert

Jay's Drum Solo

Queen's Birthday Concert

My Favourite Things

The Queen's Birthday Concert

Under the Sea

Queen's Birthday Concert

How much is that doggy in the window?

A beautiful performance of the famous song!

Irish Dancing

Watch a super Year 7 student perform an Irish dance.

Josh on the Glockenspiel

Josh plays the glockenspiel


Singing and Dancing!

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

A wonderful recital.

Y7I Folk Park Trip

A day spent at the Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh with the Year 7's.

Y6 and 7 Activ-8

A video showing the visit of Activ-8 and Twist the tiger to school.

Y7 Science Week W5 K'nex visit

Watch how we were challenged to see who could make the fastest car with K'nex